Miu and Kokichi features an incredibly negative dating, each other hating another greatly

Miu and Kokichi features an incredibly negative dating, each other hating another greatly

Kokichi keeps flirting K1-B0 on account of K1-B0 are unaware and you may a robot, for this reason while making your a straightforward address. K1-B0 is extremely awkward that have Kokichi for that reason and you may many times requires him to end. Kokichi appear to refers to the robot just like the “Kee-boy”, even when he told you he’d rather feel named Keebo.

Yet not, Kokichi does not really seem to have a destructive intention, as he looks truly selecting K1-B0. Their conclusion looks a lot more like lack of knowledge and you will innocent bigotry, as he seemingly considers crawlers intriguing and “cool”, but the guy thinks they aren’t anybody, for example he will not lose K1-B0 such as a bona-fide person. He is thinking about K1-B0, attempting to get along with “the brand new robot” and you can childishly chasing your in an attempt to reach your, apparently maybe not understanding that their decisions is actually unpleasant and you can condescending. The guy as well as curiously requires how this new bot characteristics, particularly asking regarding his private parts, and you can appears troubled if for example the email address details are duller than the guy questioned. The guy also wanted to score skyrocket punched from the K1-B0, nevertheless the robot said the guy does not have any instance form, which made Kokichi most troubled and you may wonder as to why the latest robot even can be obtained.

Kokichi continues to get rid of K1-B0 inside a discriminating and you will increasingly vicious trend on video game. The guy tends to suggest K1-B0 should do heavier functions, once the he or she is a robot, and have citing that he actually a person. When they go into the Neo Globe Program the very first time, Kokichi almost instantly slaps K1-B0, allegedly to test how it operates for the system. He usually raises just how K1-B0 is different from others and you can is not a man, and you will points out their difficulties with knowledge people thinking. Although not, on one-point, he appears truly shocked of the proven fact that K1-B0 might truly see people emotions.

The guy in addition to usually insults the girl and calls the girl good pervert owed so you can her sexual character

Towards their whiteboard, Kokichi means K1-B0 while the “weird”, and you may given his intelligence you Ek okuma are able he try paranoid and you may doubtful out-of a robot during the an eliminating games mode one rationally might be having humans.

Somewhat, after Kokichi’s dying and you will reading their history terms and conditions out of Kaito, K1-B0 is just one exactly who seems to accept that their perishing terminology might have been the truthful facts rather than a lay. Considering their interior voice, he had been most likely best.

From inside the extra function Ultimate Skill Innovation Bundle, once expenses 36 months just like the Kokichi’s classmate, K1-B0 acknowledges he considers Kokichi his pal although he actually attracted to his robophobia. Kokichi seemed undoubtedly surprised, but rapidly went on in his typical teasing trend, although he and noticed that K1-B0 is quite wise for a robot and therefore the newest mean anything Kokichi tells him really shouldn’t number to help you your.

Miu Iruma

She insults your of the calling him an excellent shota and you may a compulsive liar (in the English version, she goes further by the calling him “lying absolutely nothing abortion”). Kokichi, in turn, try proven to be extremely annoyed and you can disgusted from the Miu, often contacting the girl from the derogatory terminology instance a slut and you can an effective cunt, really noticeably an effective pig, which will link back so you’re able to Kokichi with a dislike to own “pig feet”, and stating that she is things like ugly, smelly and ineffective. Kokichi’s therapy of Miu looks far rougher than simply which have someone else when he oftentimes looks legitimate while insulting this lady, regardless of if being good masochist, Miu usually just features new insults. Within her relationships chart, the guy requests her to acquire on her behalf knee joints. The two have emerged insulting one another many times inside the examples, having Kokichi effective this type of discussions due to his more powerful character.

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